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Halloween Buyer’s Guide: Survive October in Style!

October is all about Halloween kids! We love this spooky holiday, so survive in style this month, with our Halloween Buyer’s Guide.

Who doesn’t want to wear a super cool costume with your boyfriend or girlfriend? How about outfitting your house with some AWESOME Halloween decorations? Let’s not forget, you can add a dash of scary into your everyday life with cool Halloween socks! Make sure you capture all the shenanigans with a very cool selfie stick. It’s about the little things.

Check back at the beginning of each month for another unique guide. Every month is different, and we all need help to survive.

It’s time for our Halloween Buyer’s Guide. Your friends will be jealous!

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Extendable Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Who doesn’t love to look back at Halloween pictures with joy? This Selfie stick is PERFECT for that. You won’t have to ask anyone to take a picture of you and your friends! It’s a perfect find for the upcoming holidays.


Blinky Pumpkin Flashlight

This is perfect if you’re taking your kids out trick, or treating OR if you’re out on the town Halloween night. This bad boy is SUPER fun!

Peanut Butter Jelly Costume Set

Looking for fun costume ideas? I love doing a solid couples costume. This one is DEFINITELY for braver couple. You’ll be attached to that person all night long, but it will be worth it for the all the fun interactions at your Halloween party!

Halloween Socks

Fun socks are the best way to get in the holiday spirit! Who doesn’t love a good pair of Halloween socks? I of course do. These bad boys are PERFECT and there are 12 pairs! Twelve days of Halloween anyone?

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Zombie Lawn Arms

It’s super fun to check out other people’s fun Halloween decorations. It’s even better to participate kids! How about some zombie arms?

Flashing Eye Halloween Lights

These lights are PERFECT for the interior decorations of your Halloween party! Even if you’re not having a party and you just want to be festive, these are perfect kids.

Animated Spooky Tree

I love some fun lawn decorations and this one is super cheesy and fun! If you’re going to decorate for Halloween, it’s definitely ‘go big or go home!’

Antique Glass Lighted Pumpkin

For those of you who just like a more simple decoration, this pumpkin is perfect! It’s classic, reserved, and will still get you in the Halloween spirit!

Football Chip and Dip Tray

Even though October is ALL about Halloween, we can’t forget about all the football parties! Spice it up with this Chip and Dipper. Its SUPER cute. The football lover in your life will totally appreciate this bad boy!



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