What is your MUSE!?!

Progressive Rock Fans Rejoice…!!

Progressive Rock Fans Rejoice…!!

Remember the good ‘ole days of progressive rock? Sure you do! Emerson Lake and Palmer, Kansas, Rush, YES, Queen! Do you still long for those days?

Well take heart ‘prog-rock’ lovers…you have MUSE!

Three High School mates from Devon, England officially formed and recorded an EP as “MUSE” in 1995, and have since released six albums worth of heavy-progressive-metal- rock-classical-pop-electronic joy (Yes! MUSE is all of this)!

At times, lead vocalist and chief songwriter Matthew Bellamy, moves from guitar god to classical pianist. He croons like Bono and finally lands on his feet as Trent Reznor, Freddie Mercury and Tom Morello (all poured into one diminutive human ball).

MUSE’s sound is lush and dense, with layers and layers of vocals, perfectly placed sound effects along with plenty of stacked guitars, heavy string section bits, booming bass parts and an expansive drum kit.

If it feels like I’m overselling this band-I’m not! MUSE really is all this gooey magic wrapped into a cozy little MP3 (And oh yeah, there’s a yummy chocolate nougat center too)!

The 2nd Law

The band’s newest release, “The 2nd Law” is everything you’d expect from MUSE and more! But it isn’t all tits and champagne…there are a few missing parts. For example, I would have loved a bit more sense of humor or light moments in the tracks, ya know, something to put a smile on my face and prove to me that they are human. But hey, the band has already evolved so much musically in their short time here on earth… so there is still hope.

And the trip does not stop with their album releases. Their on-stage performances have a bit of a reputation as well. Some call their productions “extravagant”, sometimes bordering on “surreal”.

And all this from a band that hasn’t had one top 10 hit… like… ever! (and thank God for that). But they do have themselves a Grammy Award for their 2011 release “The Resistance” and many other statues that decorate their studio shelves. And Oh yeah, I failed to mention, each band member is only 34 years old! Jeez!

There is so much more to this band then this little pittance I’ve thrown together on this page. There’s so much more to be explored! But I will leave that to you (the reader) and Wikipedia! (Hint-Hint: It involves actress Kate Hudson, the Guinness Book of World Records and unusually small vocal chords). Hmmmmm?



  1. infinitelyremote

    February 27, 2013 at 3:20 pm

    I’m intrigued – Thanks for the suggestion!
    (- great post -)
    Hot on the trail of “Muse”…

    • John Lorefice

      February 27, 2013 at 6:20 pm

      Enjoy My friend! Good to hear from you!

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