Mindset Matters to Your Fitness and Health Journey

Mindset matters, especially to your health and fitness journey. There’s a reason why so many people let go of their resolutions by the middle of January, and its all about mindset. Embrace a positive mindset in all aspects of your life and your health and fitness journey.


I love being happy. I love the way it makes me feel and I love the energy that being happy gives off. There is no better feeling and I’m lucky to have always been a happy person. I won happiest in high school for my senior class superlative. But just because I love to be happy, doesn’t mean I always am. Sometimes it takes work and focus. As I got older, I learned that happiness has a great deal to do with my mindset. It was my first experience with how mindset matters.

Since fitness came easy to me when I was younger, I didn’t realize how much mindset mattered to my journey. It wasn’t until I got into college that I learned this, but even then I didn’t have to push myself too hard to get where I wanted to be. Fitness and health were fun, so the journey felt easy.

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Once my life took hold and I had the freedom to work, socialize on my own time, and truly be on my own, I knew my mindset mattered. It became critical to my success. Recognizing that your mindset matters is just the first step. A big way to push past the first stage is by letting go of the “buts” in your life. I get asked all the time how I stay committed to my workouts. It’s by cutting out the word but. For a long time I was guilty of making an excuse for why I didn’t reach my fitness goals. There was always that but. Erasing ‘but’ from my fitness journey and my mindset was a huge success of mine. Its how you too can embrace a positive way of life.


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Once I cut out the buts from my fitness journey, I then embraced my milestones. It didn’t matter if they were small, I always had a fitness goal to celebrate. In the beginning, it was as simple as not resetting my alarm in the morning on week days. I committed to waking up early to workout and I set that goal the night before, therefore I kept it! It was simple, but it got me into that positive fitness mindset.

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I always make the analogy that if I think I will be late and get stuck in traffic, then I always do! My mindset is not positive. I’ve put out negativity into the world and that’s what I get back. Now implement that into your fitness journey. Your mindset matters greatly! You have to set yourself up for success and you do that by knowing you will succeed. Shed any doubt, worry, and anxiety from your mind. The best part is that exercise helps with all of this. That’s why whenever I am the fittest I can be, my whole life is in sync.

Embracing my fitness and health journey opened me up to a myriad of possibilities in my life. To succeed you have to believe it, and believing it makes it come true. By doing that you’ve embraced mindset matters. Negativity doesn’t do anything for us. It weighs us down, stresses us out, and does not make us happy. Get your mindset right! Recognize it and embrace a positive mindset


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