Making change with Beyond Eggs!

We all know that I love eggs, or at least the foods and meals they become.  I’ve written about my favorite ways to eat them, chatted about their bad rap and even told you some new things to do with the egg. But I’m also animal conscious and a health nut, so I value an egg free meal.  I adore vegan cuisine and while I love a traditional desert, I’m fascinated with finding ways to substitute out my eggs.  Thankfully there are scientists on the case, helping to make a natural substitute for eggs, made from plants. Plants!

Last week I learned of this amazing egg like product called ‘Beyond Eggs’ by Hampton Creek Foods. They created an artificial egg powder from plants! Deep breaths people; someone finally made a genetically modified food that has a positive side. Woo! The company is doing well, backed by both Paypal billionaire Peter Thiel and Bill Gates himself. And the ‘plant egg’ is said to replace eggs in everything from mayonnaise to cakes! They’re still working out the scrambled eggs, but one step at a time.  You can read a little more about the product here: Hampton Creek Foods.

I’m excited! Our food industry is one sketchy beast and it’s no secret that we are cruel to the animals we eat.  But harvesting plants instead of cramming chickens in a box? Hell yeah! Most of us turn a blind eye to the industry, but how amazing would it be to have a natural, healthy, and animal free way to eat eggs?  Hot damn! This has the potential to revolutionize our food industry and the way we cook! It could drastically reduce grocery costs and simplify what it means to be vegan.  Many companies have a “V” for vegan on their products, charging more for the specialty item.  That’s just silly! ‘Beyond Eggs’ currently cost $1.83 per dozen, which is cheaper than a dozen eggs. Cheap and innovative! Sounds good to me.

Amid my excitement are a few concerns. Obviously we can’t blindly eat produced foods and ‘Beyond Eggs’ is a mixture of eleven different plants; including peas and beans.  Many people out there are allergic to legumes.  I’m still searching for a product label, but hopefully they are specific with the ingredients, especially when used to make other foods (Hampton Creek Foods currently sells a mayonnaise and cookies made with ‘Beyond Eggs’). I’m also concerned about messing too much with nature and the way we eat food. Eggs are natural. Cramming chickens in a cage is not natural, but neither are ‘Beyond Eggs.’ This is a small hurdle to overcome, but something we need to work through. How far do we go with creating food?

Keep an eye out for ‘Beyond Eggs.’ They are a great substitute for eggs, born of natural ingredients. Plants! The company wants to make positive change, change the way we eat and create food and change how we treat animals.  I’m all for that! I’m all for having healthier, smarter options too! Let’s be optimistic; this is definitely a step in the right direction. I can’t wait to buy ‘Beyond Eggs’ and bake me a cake!

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