Love your vegetables!

I’m still amazed at people who don’t eat their vegetables. They’re so delicious and good for you. And I hear a lot of people who think eating healthy is boring! This still shocks me. Most days I eat all veggies. I add in light grains, fruits, and nuts, but generally I eat all healthy foods. Now don’t get me wrong, I do occasionally crave bad foods. But I’ve realized that eating the healthy ones makes me feel way better! Eat those vegetables people and feel great doing it.

Over the weekend I let loose and had a few cocktails, and all night long I was craving mozzarella sticks! I came very close to getting them too, but the alcohol took control and my night ended. The next day I was greeted with a fierce hangover. Now we all know how hard they are to shake. I tried running and sweating it out, which kind of worked. I ate some fruit and yogurt for breakfast and that kind of worked too. But I didn’t feel back to myself until a heaping bowl of veggies at lunch. YES people! The veggies perked me back up and my hangover was gone.

The yummy, hangover curing veggies all came courtesy of this delish plant based restaurant in Culver City called Sage Organic Vegan Bistro. Now I sort of fibbed earlier in regards to the mozzarella sticks. I didn’t have any that night, but I had a 100% vegan version at lunch and boy did they impress! Made with hearts of palm, they were amazing. OMG people! I could have eaten like two plates of them, and after my first bite I was reveling in not getting regular old fried mozzarella cheese sticks the night before. I savored every bite of my one and a half
“mozzarella sticks” and all their vegetable glory. Yum people!


Sage Organic Vegan Bistro is just one great example of a local LA spot that’s perfect for a veggie meal that’s anything but. Their menu is vast and it took me quite some time to narrow down what I was going to order. I went with the Brazilian bowl, consisting of quinoa, kale, black beans, onions, avocado, guacamole, and plantains. Another amazing and delicious dish! I loved it! It’s the combinations that make an ordinary list of veggies and healthy foods become something memorably tasty. Check out their menu. It will certainly provide some excellent inspiration next time you’re whipping up dinner for two.

Brazillian Bowl

If only everyone who said they don’t enjoy eating vegetables could eat at Sage Organic Vegan Bistro, or honestly any place that creatively crafts their food! Vegetables are full of energy and textures and healthy goodness. They snapped my hangover right out of me and keep me full of life on a daily basis. Yah for Veggies! All I want to do is eat healthy yummy vegetables. All day every day!

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