Love & Hate with George R.R. Martin

Book series are by far my favorite reads. I love learning about the characters, investing in their stories, and anticipating each successive novel! I also love how it keeps me reading more and more. You always have another novel in the series to read! But lately I’ve been questioning my love of book series, and it’s all because of one man and one enormous series: George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire series. Yes people, that is the book series the television show Game of Thrones is based upon. And yes, it’s both amazing and remains unfinished.

The Song of Ice and Fire series has to be the best set of books I’ve ever read! I used to give that honor to Harry Potter and it’s still one of my favorites. The world created by J.K. Rowling is elegant, detailed, imaginative, and one of kind. But it was dethroned. All that and more can be said of George R. R. Martin’s universe. The details that this man adds into his storytelling are astonishing, and there are moments where I can hardly fathom how he keeps track of all his characters and their multiple overlapping storylines. But it’s there, it’s all there and works to perfection. Unfortunately, only five of his eight books have been written and released (I’m assuming there will be eight, although it’s still a heavy rumor). Read here for further proof of an 8th book.

I finished George R.R. Martin’s fifth book, Dance with Dragons, last summer and ever since my reading has felt aimless. I actually felt pain and withdrawal once I finished reading the book. What was I going to do now? I invested almost a year reading his incredible series and I knew George R. R. Martin was still writing the last three novels. But I did not know how hard it would be to wait, unable to jump right into the next book! Now, even with so much time passed and having read a myriad of other novels since, I’m still feeling the void. I find myself being mad at George R. R. Martin. I want him to step up! Finish his book series so I can know which, if any, of my favorite characters will be left standing when the game of thrones ends and the Song of Ice and Fire is complete.

The little voice in my head makes the wait even worse. I know that once George R. R. Martin puts out the 6th book, he still has to write the 7th and now the 8th. Of course I’ve read everything I can about his saga. Supposedly he has to put one book out every five years, so that means we’ll potentially have to wait another FIVE to TEN years for the final installments! I don’t know if I can do it people. I don’t know if I can wait that long! George R. R. Martin consistently leaves his characters on the brink of demise on the final pages of his novels and makes you wait for a resolution. But will there be a resolution to this book series? The way our friend George R. R. Martin has set it up, there will definitely not be one. Oh SNAP! Don’t toy with us dude. Please stop.

George R. R. Martin and his amazing novels have challenged my patience and made me question my literary devotion. But I will wait you out, good sir. I’ll wait for you to finish this series, read furiously through book six and inevitably feel the void once again. I’ll contemplate the fate of each character that you’ve deemed fit to continue living and fight within your world. So bring it! I’m here and I’m waiting. I love all the time I’ve invested in the Song of Ice and fire and I’m waiting for you. Anticipating your brilliance! Nothing beats this book series, even if the waiting is driving me a little crazy.



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