Love/Hate Relationship with Sun Screen!

Summer is here and we’re all about getting outside to enjoy the beach and pool. BUT you have to put that sun screen on kids. It’s a must, but it’s easy to have that love/hate relationship with it. I know I do.


I love being outside. I love running outside, riding my bike and lounging by the pool, or at the beach. But let’s face it, too much sun is a bad thing. All my life I’ve been told to protect my skin. Sometimes I haven’t wanted to, but I’ve done it anyway because that’s what my mama told me to do. I remember dreading putting on that stinky sun screen!

As I got older though, I realized that it was a good thing that my mom made me put sun screen on growing up. I’ve got naturally tan skin, so I’d get darker and darker as I was out in the sun. I hardly ever burned, but as I got older I didn’t want to get so dark and my skin definitely changed. If I didn’t put sun screen on, I would get a little pink and I didn’t want that. Thanks sun screen!

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Living in Southern California is a blessing and a curse kids. It’s sunny the majority of the time, but that also means that someone like me who tans very easily has to wear sun screen all year long! Yep that’s right, all year long. No matter where I am, I always have sunblock on my face and neck. I’ve become obsessed with Eucerin daily protection with SPF 30. I’ve used this bad boy for years. It’s my go-to for daily sun protection. Recently I’ve added even more protection to my skin. I started using La Roche-Posay Anthelios serum with sunscreen. Its thinner than the lotion, but just as nice. I put this on before I run in the morning and again after I shower! I love it and its great because I definitely don’t want sun on my face. As you get older, that sun causes wrinkles ladies.


If I’m just going out and about and I know I’ll be using my sunroof, or even just walking around a bit, I always put Eucerin daily lotion with SPF on my body. Trust me when I say that I can get a tan by just driving fifteen minutes with my sunroof open. The sun in strong and there are times that I forget to put it on and I sorely regret it. I’ve worked on creating a habit and putting it on when I get out of the shower and use my other lotions!

Now that its summer I need to protect myself even more. Just a couple of weeks ago I went to the beach. It was hot and the sun was strong. I put a ton of sun screen on before I left and I thought I had put enough on.

I used a Neutrogena sun screen that I normally love, but I was out there in the sun and sweat more off than I thought. I missed my opportunity to reapply and even though I did reapply multiple times over the four hours I was at the beach, I got way too much sun! I should have put on the La Roche-Posay Anthelios sunscreen 60 SPF, but instead I used my Neutrogena 45. I also definitely should have reapplied after being at the beach for 30 minutes. The sun was strong and we had walked a few blocks to the beach. Poor form on me!

Sunscreen presents a dilemma. Every time I’m on my sun screen game, I love it. I think it’s great and I feel great too! But those times when I’m not and I wait too long or it sweats off, I hate it! I put so much sun screen on that day I went to the beach, but I didn’t time it well. I was being silly. I thought I had put so much on already, but I shouldn’t have fought it kids. I have to let go of the hate and embrace the love, especially since the sun gets so strong here in SoCal!

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Remember this when you venture outside this summer. Let go of the old stubborn ways and embrace the love of sun screen. Try any of the ones I mentioned, especially the La Roche-Posay. That Anthelios 60 is worth it and it protects AMAZINGLY! Enjoy the sun, but protect yourself kids!



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