Lovecraft Country Season Finale Reaction | Storybook Ending

Lovecraft Country Season finale reaction is here! It was a storybook ending, but that gave us a ton of OMG moments. Definitely a great way to wrap up a complete story arc.


Lovecraft Country season 1 came to a close with the season finale titled “Full Circle.” That is exactly what this season did is come full circle to the final ceremony. It’s been leading up to this all season and it did not disappoint. Make sure you check out our full Lovecraft Country season finale reaction video.


I absolutely loved this first season of Lovecraft Country. I’ve seen a lot of dissent online from people not digging the way the season ended. I felt they stayed true to the book even though they diverted and adding story lines. It would have been a cop out to change the ending from the book.

There were some things in the finale that bummed me out like Ruby. RIP Ruby! She was one of my favorite characters and I felt like her death was a rip off to fans. First I know why we didn’t see her death because then we would have known that Christina was playing Ruby. BUT I knew it was Christina right away. The way she wore her hat was exactly how Christina wears it.

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I absolutely loved the evolution of Dee. Again, I saw some people not digging on her arc. Dee lost so much in this story, her dad, her arm, how she viewed her mother, and her cousin/brother. So of course at the end of the show, she shows Christina no mercy! No one showed her mercy throughout her life.

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There were so many other OMG moments and I truly enjoyed how Lovecraft Country season finale ended. I don’t see how they can do a season 2 with by not sparing Tic. I’m glad they didn’t spare Tic and change the ending because for me that would have weekend the show!


Lovecraft Country Season Finale

Let me know what you thought of the season finale and weigh in on a season 2 or no? Watch my full season 1 reaction video for all the OMG moments and my thoughts on this fabulous series.


Lovecraft Country Season Finale

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