Lovecraft Country Episode 8 WTF Moments Gone Wild

Lovecraft Country episode 8 is so great! We’ve got all the WTF moments that have gone wild! This show continues to be interesting and gets more out there every week!


Lovecraft Country continues to bring it’s A game with the first season of this show. Episode 8, titled “Jig-a-bobo” has so many amazing WTF moments that have truly gone wild! This show continues to push boundaries and every time I watch it my mind is blown. Make sure you watch our full Lovecraft Country episode 8 video reaction!


There are so many crazy WTF moments. Let’s start with Ruby and her continued crazy relationship with William/Christina. You see that crazy sex scene! Then Ruby somewhat guilt Christina into wanting her to feel for the whole Emmett Till death. Christina says she can’t because it doesn’t affect her.

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That leads us to our next WTF moment of Christina paying the guys to kill her like Emmett Till! This showed us that she definitely has strong feelings for Ruby and that she wants to feel what she feels so she does this crazy thing. She of course survives because of her protection spell.

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Lovecraft Country Episode 8

The whole crux of the episode revolves around Dee and her grieving process. Her friend, Emmett Till, or BoBo as she called him is dead. Her father is dead and her mother is missing. The evil police officer curses her and now she has these crazy girls following her. Everything revolving her story line is just WTF!

Lovecraft Country episode 8 really brought the WTF! There are so many more intense and crazy moments that happened in this episode. Watch my full reaction video and share with me your own thoughts! Only 2 episodes left!


Lovecraft Country Episode 8

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