Lovecraft Country Episode 5 Reaction | Gory Death

Lovecraft Country episode 5 reaction is all about the gory deaths! This episodes central themed revolved around these death as a rebirth to the new world these characters live in now.


Lovecraft Country episode 5, “Strange Cases,” is a hard episode to watch. That is totally the point of the episode which revolves heavily around gory “deaths” as well as pushing all the characters to their breaking points. Make sure you check out our full Lovecraft Country episode 5 reaction video.


I really liked that we got to see Ruby as a central character. Prior to watching the show, my research pointed to Ruby having a pivotal role in the show. We did see her in the haunted house episode, but this episode we truly got to know her and how she fits into this world.

This episode started amazingly with Ruby waking up as a white woman. She’s completely disorientated which William (or Christina) wanted her to be. He’s given her the gift to be able to experience life as a white woman whenever she wants to. Each time though she has to have that gory death. She needs to free herself from the shell.

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What does Ruby do with this gift? She embraces her own dream of working at the department store. It’s funny how small minded her actions are. She becomes the assistant manager and she sees how unqualified Tamara, the black woman who was hired last episode, is and also the treatment she endures. The white women around her look down upon Tamara, the manager sexualize her while of course looking down upon her, and Ruby sees how she can help Tamara by educating her.

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There are so many crazy, gory deaths in this episode both physically and figuratively! Hello Christina being William! How long has that been going on? Next episode is going to be crazy with all the revelations from “Strange Cases.”

Make sure you watch our full video reaction as we touch on so much! Share with me your own reaction this Lovecraft Country episode 5! It was straight cray all!


Lovecraft Country Episode 5

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