Lovecraft Country Episode 4 Reaction | Dark Secrets

Lovecraft Country newest episode did not disappoint. Our episode 4 reaction follows all of the dark secrets exposed. This episode definitely dives below the surface and into the meat of the story!


The most recent Lovecraft Country episode 4, “A History of Violence”, truly dives below the surface and into the dark secrets of this series. This adventure episode al la Goonies and Indian Jones moved this story along so nicely. Make sure you watch our full Lovecraft Country episode 4 reaction video.


I read an article after this episode that Lovecraft Country episode 4 missed the mark on this genre. I completely disagree with that. It said that because this episode felt surface level that it did its character injustice and made them not fully developed in this episode. For me, that is not how I viewed the episode or felt watching it.

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This episode dove into its dark secrets! That’s completely evident through Montrose and his actions throughout this episode. At first he wants nothing to do with Tic and Leti. He does not want to help them, he burns the book, and reluctantly shares information with them. He claims he’s “protecting his family” and I think there is some truth to that, but I also think there is so much more he hides from Tic and Leti.

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Due to Montrose’s actions through this episode, it makes us question everything. Who is telling the truth? What is everyone hiding? That is why I liked it! There is always someone who knows way more than everyone else in these adventure style movie, has an ulterior motive, and does something rash that completely jeopardizes everyone! Like Montrose slitting that woman’s throat at the end!

I can’t wait to see if they actually explain how Titus’s vault connected to Leti’s house because that was crazy! Lovecraft Country episode 4 definitely had some crazy stuff happen! Can’t wait for episode. Make sure you watch our full Lovecraft Country reaction video.


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