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Life gets really Real on Girls

Most TV is mainly entertainment and most dark comedies are simply uncomfortable and unrealistic, yet HBO’s Girls broke free. Season two of Girls was uncomfortable, awkward and mind-probingly real in the best way possible. It was real life! And when life gets so unbelievably sad, you can’t help but laugh. For this I loved season two and understandably needed some time to grasp my feelings and digest what the hell actually happened.  Girls took a spin and direction that I never predicted, and at times while watching I questioned both the direction and motives of the characters.  But in the end, much like Hannah being naked, it stripped itself bare and showed life’s true colors. How awesome!

I took some real time to contemplate the spin and turn of Hannah in season two; we were all witnesses and what a spectacle! The writers, including Lena Dunham, achieved something pretty fantastic.  They didn’t sugarcoat Hannah, but let her run naked and free to bear all her burdens.  This aspiring writer, who breaks up with her boyfriend at the start of the season, bounces from guy to guy and finally gets the opportunity to write her very own book.  So what happens to Hannah?  Is she overjoyed?  Inspired by her opportunity? Her dreams are now coming true! I don’t think so. Oh Snap! The girl crumbles under the pressure.  Hannah self sabotages herself and like so many people, destroys the thing she wanted most.

Throughout the end of the season, Girls keeps the whole self sabotage theme riding through. Hard like a stallion! At first I didn’t like it, the awkward moments and raw, soul crushing reality of failure. But then I realized, the only reason I didn’t like it was because it felt too real.  It hit too close to home, reminding me of people in my life and what we hate about ourselves. It seems like we are constantly self sabotaging ourselves these days, especially when it comes to our success! Criticism of the second half of the season complained that it was so “depressing.”  BUT that’s life! Life is crazy, hilarious and sad, especially for girls in their twenties. We’re still figuring ourselves out and working toward our goals. Life gets messy fast and Girls definitely paraded it all!

In the end I dug the direction Hannah took. Yet her best friend, Marnie, took an equally realistic turn which left me completely discouraged.  What the hell Marnie! Through most of the season she floundered with meaningless jobs and insignificant relationships, the whole time pining for her ex-boyfriend Charlie. She finally seemed to click, figure things out, but like tons of people she got discouraged from her career path and kind of quit.  Marnie got knocked down and couldn’t figure out how to get herself back up. Ugh!  She wants to “sing,” but only to win back Charlie, a classic example of a girl who throws everything at a boy. Miraculously, cue the clichéd TV magic, they get back together. Yes! I enjoyed the predictability of this moment, even if it meant Marnie giving up on herself. Yet it was too real for even the actors involved, as we now come to find out the actor who plays Charlie, Christopher Abbott, hated this and has decided not to return for season three.  Hot Damn! So discouraging.

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