Legal Weed Marijuana Party | Jill and Jack comedy web series S2E30

Jill and Jack are weird nursery rhymes, a bastardized classic in a comedy web series. Jill and Jack celebrate legal weed with a marijuana party. Webisode thirty of season two.

Weed is legal. Legal weed! Jill and Jack throw a party with every kind of edible imaginable. Is it possible to smoke too much marijuana? Let’s find out! Pass me Uncle Smokey.

Mary Jane, cannabis, stick icky, pot. It’s all legal now, so go to town! Smoke up a storm and forget your own name. Eat brownies, gold fish, pretzels, cheese, juice all with marijuana in it! Why? Because its party time!

Jill and Jack… over the top comedy, airing Fridays on Pillow Talk TV.


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