Workout Tips to Keep Focused this Summer!

Summer is here kids! Heat waves are rolling in and if you have A/C then the last thing you want to do is get all hot and sweaty working out. Don’t fall into the summer blues. Use my workout tips to keep focused this summer!


It’s easy to give into the heat and avoid working out. But summer is the best time to get at it! My workout tips are here to help.

Put them on your calendar! A perfect way to keep yourself focused this summer is to schedule in those workouts. It’s the simplest tip ever! Set a reminder for thirty minutes before. Make sure you schedule it in three times a week. Even if you normally workout more, try this trick for a few days. If you’re trying to make plans, or get invited out for drinks or happy hour, it will be harder for you to over indulge now that you have a workout event already on your calendar!

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Try a new workout! The summer is a perfect time to try new workouts. Not only is it fun, but it is definitely motivating. Gyms and workout studios are notoriously less busy during the summer. Everyone is either on vacation or just not focused on it. Some studios even give you the first class you take free! There is a yoga studio across the street from my house that offers the first week free, and I will definitely be trying this bad boy out this summer.


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Switch up when you workout! If you’re normally a person who goes to the gym after work, but it’s just so nice out that you want to enjoy the rest of your day, then get up early and workout! Morning workouts are my favorite and in the summer they’re great. The sun isn’t up as high and normally the heat hasn’t rolled in yet. If you’re not a morning person, try working out on your lunch break! I know you’re thinking, when do I eat? Bring your lunch and eat after the gym. Not only will you feel amazing from your workout, but you’ll save money on food too.

Workout with your family! Summer nights are an awesome time to spend with your family. How about you go on a long bike ride or play a round of tennis with your family? Any group activity or sport is perfect for a nice summer night. It will also make the workout not even seem like a workout and will give you some quality time with your family. Even if its something you normally don’t do with your family, try it out. It can be fun to start a new trend!


Plan an active vacation! Looking to go away? Plan a vacation that you can be active on. If you like to bike, then make sure you’re biking on your vacation. If you like to hike, go ahead and find some awesome places to hike and go vacation there! Even if you want to go away for a full week, make sure a few of those days you’re active. If it’s a beach vacation, there are always plenty of outdoor sport activities you can engage in. Your options are huge!

It’s super easy to lose focus this summer, but you don’t have to kids! Make sure that you’re having fun with those workouts. Do things with your friends and family. But also remember that working out is your time for you. Don’t give up that time just because you think you should be doing something else since it’s the summer! Stay strong and motivated kids!



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