How to Keep your New Years Resolutions!


I love this time of year! The Holidays roll right into the New Year and its wonderful. I am always so relaxed and ready to kick the New Year’s bum! Tons of other people feel the same way and Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook are full of updates about the excitement of the dawn of the New Year. But let’s not forget those resolutions! So many people make New Years resolutions and everyone needs help following through. Here’s how to keep your New Year’s resolutions, making this year the year you keep them!

I go back and forth about New Years resolutions; let’s call it a love/hate relationship. I love the idea of making them and think they are great! But I hate the stigma that comes along with them, the idea that they are destined to fail. When one makes a resolution, there is always a question of how long it will last. Say goodbye to that stigma! So long, don’t come back. Keep your New Years resolutions by removing all doubt in your mind that they will last. Decide that they will and bring in the positive. That choice will keep you positive all year long!




You’ve done the first step. Woo! Go You! There is no doubt in your mind about keeping your New Years resolutions. But that is just the beginning kids. Now its time to be wise with your resolutions, make sure you’re realistic with them. If you want to lose weight, make sure you set goals throughout the year in order to check in and track your progress. The most important thing is for you to set a precedent and keep to it! By the end of January, check in with your progress and make sure you write down where you are at. Make sure you head into each and every month like this. Reward yourself for meeting each goal and keep pushing forward. You’ll really be able to see your goals and keep yourself on track!

Not only is checking in monthly going to keep you motivated, it will also keep you achieving your goals. It’s imperative that you keep setting new goals throughout the year. By June re-evaluate your initial goals for the year. I bet you’ll have achieved some major milestones and want to change some up as well. But don’t decide you’re done for the year, set new goals! Constantly setting new goals throughout the year is going to keep you focused and motivated. Plus, its fun to find success over and over again. Feeling accomplished is a great thing! You’ll be able to take on hiccups and miss steps that come your way in stride.




There is one more step to keep your New Years Resolutions and it’s the most important one! Make sure you’re having fun! That’s right, if you’re not having fun then none of this is worth it. This should be the first and last resolution on your list and you should check in on it with every goal you set. Are you having fun? The answer should always be yes! Remember, when you’re having fun it doesn’t feel like work. When you’re having fun you’re more likely to push yourself farther. It’s not going to feel like work at all!

Remember that these resolutions are for you! In the end, if you don’t accomplish them, if you let them fall off, it is only hurting you. So follow my simple steps on how to keep your New Years resolutions and keep those resolutions going! Don’t let anything sway you and don’t fall into anyone else’s trap. The New Year is a perfect time to set goals for yourself and to have those goals flourish all year round! Have a happy and healthy New Year!

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Happy New Year and Keep those New Years Resolution
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