How to be a Fit Girl!

It’s imperative to switch up your fitness, but when you workout a lot this can be a difficult feat. You have to actively seek out new activities and Fit Girl is here for you!


We’re in an age where fitness is huge and options are plentiful, so switching up your workout is no longer a chore. A great resource is Instagram, where I recently found the amazing Fit Girl’s Guide. I’ve followed along with their posts in the past, but in search of new activities I downloaded their app, joined their 28 day Jumpstart challenge, and have totally become a Fit Girl!

I love fitness challenges. I think they are amazing! I love accomplishing a goal. I love trying new exercises and I won’t ever quit on myself. That’s what drew me to the Fit Girl’s Guide and what pushed me to participate in their challenges! I began with the 28-day jumpstart challenge, hoping to push myself to a new level. You have to officially join the challenge within the app to see the details, meaning you are now accountable to yourself to finish. Once I joined, it prompted me that I had 28 days to go. SCORE! It keeps track of your days, so all you need to do is go in each day and check off your successes. It wants you to pick a description that applies to your workout challenge for the day, such as “I rocked my workout.” You can also work in things like “I rocked my workout + eating.” There are other choices for healthy eating, skipping a day, etc. All in all it’s a lot of fun to assess your success, while holding yourself accountable.

The Jumpstart challenge sucked me right in. Each day is labeled: arms, booty, abs, cardio, and stroll and stretch. Most of the exercises repeat, but the reps get higher. You always do three sets, which even on the first day challenges your body by the end. I love this challenge! It got me thinking outside the box in terms of exercises. It also made me fall in love with certain exercises I usually don’t enjoy, like squats, Russian twists and dips. I love that!


Holding yourself accountable can be hard, but letting Fit Girl do it is easy. From the moment I opened the 28-day jumpstart program I wanted to continue daily. I found myself craving my daily routine, but also loving the days I just did cardio and the assigned stretch and stroll. I always push my body and sometimes I forget that I need a day to breathe and regroup. It’s amazing to have that set aside in a workout program.

The challenge section of the app is just one of the sections. There are recipes and workout ideas and more. It’s great, especially for those who need help and advice! So many of us just continue to do the same things over and over, but this app will help you switch it up. It’s still in its beta version, so as it grows I’m sure it’s database of exercises and recipes will grow even more!

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Being a Fit Girl doesn’t have to be a chore! It’s a way of life kids. It should excite us all! I know it excites me, and I love that I found an app that is both fun and useful for being fit. My next challenge will be the Fitkini challenge and I’m already pumped!

It’s easy to think getting fit is hard, and it’s just as easy to fall into a rut. BUT it’s even easier to explore all the options we have now a days to stay fit and fall in love with exercise. I love this Fit Girls community. I’m excited to experience the growth of this network and to move on to more challenges! Be a Fit Girl ladies!




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