How To Avoid Christmas in November! Holiday Survival

I’m super excited that it’s November because I love this time of year, but on October 30th something crazy and insane happened. I saw my first Christmas commercial. Before Halloween is just wrong, so don’t buy into the hype. How to avoid Christmas in November!


I’m the type of person that is all about Christmas once Thanksgiving is over. I used to be a strict December 1st girl, but with some convincing from my husband, I decided that its okay to embrace the holiday after Thanksgiving. Black Friday means it’s officially okay to start my celebration and ride Christmas through the end of the year, but outside forces have other plans. We all need help, so I made a list. How to avoid Christmas in November.

Ignore the commercials. The first time I heard it I looked! I heard the Christmas music and the jingle bells. It was October 30th. Once I realized what was happening, I was like “No!” It’s too soon guys, especially when we’ve just celebrated Halloween. I’ve definitely experienced 3 or 4 different commercials already. So I let myself experience them once, then that’s it. I’ll have plenty of time AFTER Thanksgiving for those shenanigans.

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Resist indulging in holiday treats. All of the holiday treats are out in full force. Skip those chocolate Santas kids. Don’t indulge in the peppermint mocha lattes just yet. You’ll have plenty of time in December. Make it a treat, not a staple of the holiday season!



Do not watch Christmas movies. There’s at least one channel on cable that ALWAYS has a holiday movie playing. Yes, we kind of understand the whole ‘Christmas in July’ thing. It’s cute and marks six months until Christmas, so we get it. But not in October and November. Indulging after Thanksgiving gives you TONS of time to get your fill of holiday movies! If anything, you’re going to just be re-watching the same ones over and over again, so wait.

No listening to Christmas music! I love Christmas music and I anticipate listening to it, but I can’t bring myself to listen to it prior to Thanksgiving. There is even less holiday music than movies, so you’ll really just be listening to the same music over and over again.

Let Christmas be special. I love Christmas! It’s my favorite time of year, but it’s an INTENSE holiday. The food, movies, music, and decorations are a lot. Why not savor it as opposed to experiencing it for longer and longer? Soon we’ll have desensitized ourselves to what’s special about Christmas time.

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I get it. We live in a society that approves of the obsession. Whatever niche we want to obsess over we can and do whenever, however, and however much we want. But let’s not jump the gun on Christmas. Avoiding the holiday in November is easier than you think. Don’t buy into it kids. Get excited for Thanksgiving! Indulge in the pumpkins, gourds, and fall festivities. Take the moment in before its gone and we dive into Christmas!

November is such an amazing time. I’m truly all about savoring the moment, especially since this is the first Thanksgiving that my baby girl will experience. I know she’s so young and she won’t know what to make of it, but babies sense of smell can give them lasting memories of special times. So I choose not skip past this great period of fall! How to avoid Christmas in November is easier than you think.




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