Holiday prep for Thanksgiving

It’s barely two weeks until Thanksgiving! Yep, its true people, my favorite time of year is here, besides the summer of course. I love EVERYTHING about the holiday season, especially the food! Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, biscuits, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, cookies, cakes…OH MY! What’s a girl (or guy) to do to stay healthy?

Here’s the skinny so far; we’ve been working out all year long. Go us! Not to mention we’ve been controlling our snacking and watching our portions. Give ourselves a hand! But once Thanksgiving hits, there’s no end in sight to the eating parties, drinking parties and parties with both eating and drinking. Fun times straight through to the end of the year! I know what you’re thinking; trouble is headed directly for our healthy physiques. Time to game plan! We all need a clear-cut plan to indulge without going off the deep end. That’s right, you can both let go a bit around the holidays and avoid digging yourself into an unhealthy hole. Trust me!

First off, we need to get ourselves prepped starting now. Good thing we’ve been working out and staying healthy all year! As of today, be cautious of what you’re eating leading up to the holidays. Cut back on the processed carbs. Limit those breads, pastries, deserts, rice, and pasta. And keep exercising. It’s that simple! Prepare yourself as if you’re trying to fit into your best dress or that skimpy bikini you love. Pretend you’ll be wearing the bikini all week! Eat lots of fruits and veggies and drink water, then drink some more. If you do go for bread, make sure it’s whole wheat for nutrients and eat just a slice. Stick to brown rice and whole wheat pasta too. And follow the serving sizes by measuring out everything you eat! Trust me. With a little preparation, not only will you be psyched to eat Thanksgiving dinner, you’ll be less likely to overeat and completely savor the foods you do have. Also, while I love a good roll, unless that bad boy is homemade, skip it! Make sure those carbs and calories are worth it.

Okay, so we’ve got the food down but we can’t skip out on our workouts! Yes, we still need to work out, so keep doing what you’ve been doing all year. If you travel around the holidays like I do, make sure to pack a jump rope. If it’s too cold to go outside for a run, you can always do a jump rope circuit. Jumping rope is so much fun and thirty minutes is all you need to burn some major calories! Jump to music, to the TV, or to those nutty relatives chatting in the kitchen. Even if you’re traveling to a cold weather climate, pack those sneakers. It can be invigorating to run out in the cold! If you can’t stand the frigid temps then buddy up to your friends and family to snag a guest pass to their gym. You know I’ll be finding a yoga studio and to get a nice practice in around the holidays. It’s a great way to keep calm if the holidays get you stressed!

The holidays should be fun, so my advice is to enjoy them but keep yourself grounded. Even if you’re cooking for your entire family, there’s no reason to get stressed. Go make time for yourself! Make sure you don’t jeopardize your health goals. Work out and remember, there’s no reason to eat everything in sight. You can indulge and keep yourself fit and healthy! Give away those leftovers so you don’t eat them all. Guests love doggie bags to take home! Skip the early morning shopping on black Friday and get a workout in! You won’t regret it.

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