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I just completed a 30 Day HIIT training workout challenge and DAMN kids, it was the best thirty days of my life. The workouts challenged me in ways I ever thought possible. I was versed in HIIT training, mainly interval running, and have written about the treadmill workouts, but I had no idea what I’d signed up for with this workout challenge. I’m so glad I did it and it’s totally for everyone. Get on board; HIIT training for all!

I discovered this HIIT workout through a Pinterest link, my go to site for fitness workouts! Here’s the link to the website: Enter At Your Own Risk. I first entered the site only to read the following: “Every HIIT routine in this program is meant to push you out of your comfort zone, force your system to adapt and do it fast, shedding all of the extra weight that is holding you back.” I was sold and it was not kidding. Prepare to forget your comfort zone.

I embarked on this HIIT journey not knowing much about the challenge, beyond its inspirational message. I peaked at the first few days and realized that if I wanted to continue to run, I would be adding an extra 30-45 minutes of exercise to my daily regime. How exciting! I’d already been adding in circuits and strength training, so I felt instant motivation to continue and commit to HIIT. It’s easily a standalone workout for the day, but an even better addition to daily cardio etc.

The first day of HIIT was thirty second high knees, thirty second mountain climbers, then repeat and take a minute rest. The medium level was 15 rounds. It was a great starting point and I’ll be honest, I thought ‘No problem, this will be cake!’ To say that I was SORE the next day would be an understatement. My calves were so sore, they were tender to the touch. It was only day two and I was feeling the burn.

Hiit Day 1

As the month of HIIT training went on, the exercises varied in length between upper body, lower body, and hips. After the first week my calves were less sore, BUT that didn’t stop the rest of my muscles from aching and screaming at me. These workouts touched places I don’t think I’ve EVER touched. It challenged me mentally and physically in the best way possible.

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After thirty days the outward benefits are obvious. My arms are more toned and I’m seeing more definition than ever in my stomach and lower abs. I didn’t follow the “ab diet” that was suggested along with the workouts and I did not, REPEAT did not, do this to lose weight. I did it to push myself and my body. I did it to get out of my comfort zone and to challenge myself day in and day out.


HIIT has been by far my favorite 30 Day workout Challenge to date. I will continue to add HIIT training into my workouts; they are that addicting and that amazing. My goal is now to vary my workouts regularly, adding in HIIT training at least three days a week. It’s funny how today I don’t have to do a HIIT workout, but I miss it already. I will give myself a little break though; I’ve worked HARD over these thirty days.

Even if you don’t try the full challenge, I highly recommend adding HIIT training into your workout regimen. Intervals are ideal medicine for the body. They will TRULY show you what you’re made of, push your body to its limit, and make you a believer and a badass in the process. It’s time; HIIT training for all!



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