Healthy Living before Beauty!


Too often people put their outside appearance ahead of health and wellness, either by crash dieting, putting the wrong foods into their body, or simply ignoring their health. It’s time to get fit for life kids and put healthy living first. Elevate your health before beauty and you’ll always be beautiful on the inside and outside!

Be kind to your skin. Your skin is the largest organ in your body and so many of us don’t take care of it. Healthy living starts here. Remember to use a good moisturizing lotion daily, as well as a sunscreen with SPF of 15 or higher. No matter what time of year it is, always put an SPF on your face. I make sure my moisturizer has it, as well as my face make-up. I prefer an SPF that is PABA free, as well as oil free. Whichever you choose, use it, and make sure you wear a hat when you’re in the sun and reapply often. Also, no more tanning beds and tanning oil! That stuff will destroy your skin kids! It’s bad for both your long-term health and beauty.


By taking care of your skin, you’ll inevitably look your best self on the outside too. Now it’s time to tackle your diet, the biggest factor in healthy living. First, rid yourself of the idea of being on a “diet” and embrace permanent change. A crash “diet” is not what anyone needs. It ultimately leads to a crash “un-diet.” No more pre-made shakes to “help” you lose weight. No more cayenne pepper water. Simply learn to eat better and embrace how great it makes you feel.

It’s easy to start eating smarter and healthier, even if you’re not big into cooking. Buy fresh vegetables for a homemade salad. Kick the dressing habit! I did this recently, during my 30 day no added sugar challenge, and now love eating a big salad with no dressing. You can top your salad with grilled shrimp, canned tuna, or grilled chicken. Adding couscous or quinoa is a great way to add flavor too. Just make your food dynamic and you’ll love it. It’s easy to buy one of those ‘healthy’ pre-made meals, but remember they still have preservatives and often loads of salt. Don’t forget, it’s simpler than you think to stock your fridge and cabinets with healthy ingredients. Not sure how to cook? Start with salads and then move on to roasting vegetables, lean meats, and fish. Comment or email with questions and I can send you easy recipes to get started! Like this Roasted Beet Salad.

Healthy Living

Having a healthy diet is a big part of healthy living, and like caring for your skin, has huge beauty benefits like losing weight. Now for exercise, nature’s way of sweating out all the toxins in your body and strengthening it too. Make sure you have a concise workout plan. If you’re not sure what will work for you, use the internet as your resource. Try out this HIIT workout challenge for starters. Pinterest is a great spot to find beginner workouts, as well as intermediate or advanced circuits. You don’t need a trainer to get fit and stay fit. You just need to educate yourself and find something YOU LOVE!

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Exercise goes hand in hand with a healthy diet, bolstering your inner and outer beauty as a bonus. You’re caring for your skin now as well, so let’s address those nutritional supplements. Be careful of taking unnecessary supplements. They can easily do more harm than good. I take a fish oil pill, calcium with vitamin D, and a multi vitamin. That’s it. Too many supplements may boost health and fitness results in the short term, but will do in your healthy living in the end. I consulted a nutritionist and my doctor before choosing which supplements to take. Make sure you do your research, and remember there is no magic pill. You’ll become skinny once you embrace healthy living.

It’s easy to get consumed by how we look. Mirrors are everywhere, but if you truly want to feel better about you and always look beautiful, healthy living is the only way. If you’re healthy on the inside, you’ll be healthy on the outside! Put your health before beauty kids and flourish!



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