Cycling Can Improve Your Sex Life Because Science Rules

Need some inspiration to get back on that old bike again this spring? A new study shows that the health benefits of cycling include improved sexual function. That’s right! Cycling can improve your sex life because science rules.


Even the casual cyclist understands the health benefits of cycling. Like any intensive cardio workout, this sport promotes heart health, circulation, and muscle strengthening. But did you know it can also improve your sex life?

Bicycling has been around for decades and has become an extremely popular sport for millions. And whether you cycle to stay fit, commute to work, or just to clear your head, you can still enjoy the health benefits of cycling.

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If you have an old bicycle that’s just gathering dust in the garage, here’s the cycling inspiration you’ve been looking for:


For the ladies: a boost to your sex life

For years, men were told that the extended use of a bicycle can inhibit their ability to get an erection. Recently, a study found that information to be completely false. The study also brought to light an interesting tidbit of information about women who cycle: improved sexual function. The origin of the study led the researchers to look into whether or not cycling had any effect on the sexual and urinary functions of females. Not only were there no negative effects, but there were some very positive effects. According to Bicycling.com, “women who clocked the highest mileage showed better sexual function than their non-cycling peers.”

The study examined more than 3,000 women and was published in March in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. Compared to both runners and swimmers, “lifetime miles ridden was associated with better sexual function, as measured by a common, validated questionnaire,” said one of the researchers in a press release.

Improves brain function

Bicycling can actually help keep your brain firing at a healthy capacity, as well as a preventative measure against future diseases. A study in 2007 showed that cycling can increase brain power and prevent Alzheimer’s as you get older. Roughly one in every 20 adults age 65 or older has some form of memory loss, including Alzheimer’s disease. Bicycling can help decrease the chances of memory loss as well as help control issues such as Attention Deficit Disorder, or ADD.

Heart healthy

Cycling, like other types of aerobic exercises, promotes healthy heart function. According to a study performed by the British Medical Association, cycling 20 miles per week reduced coronary heart disease by 50%. Cycling also helps prevent cases of high blood pressure and other types of heart-related issues. Here’s the bottom line: cycling can keep your ticker running better, longer.

Weight loss and muscle gain

Probably the most sought-after health benefits of cycling are the abilities to efficiently burn fat and increase muscle strength and tone. Depending on how hard you ride and your body size, you can potentially burn up to a 1,000 calories per hour of cycling. Cycling also provides a full body workout, activating the majority of your leg muscles as well as your core, back, and arms. Granted, any results will only come with dedication and continual use.

So this summer, consider dusting off the old bike that’s been sitting in the garage and taking it out for a spin. Your mind and body will thank you for it.



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