Have fun with Cooking to stay healthy and fit!


It’s no secret that it’s a lot healthier for you to cook your own meals than to eat out, buy pre-packaged meals, defrost frozen meals etc. So make sure you have fun with cooking, it’s too good to pass up! When you cook your own meals you can regulate exactly what goes into your food. This is the BEST way to stay fit people! You have to know what you’re eating and what’s inside it. More Americans today are obese than EVER, a third of our population, over 78 million U.S. adults. By making our own food we control what we eat, so don’t let it be a burden. Now more than ever, we need to learn to have fun with cooking!


Knowing what you’re eating will revolutionize your life, and its fun to learn to make meals that you’ve always dreamed about! I was lucky to grow up watching my mother cook. At a very young age I learned how to cook breakfast, and to this day it’s still one of my favorite things to make! Sure, back then it was just two eggs over-easy with a side of toast. Now I experiment, have fun, and make breakfast more dynamic and healthy. The two eggs over-easy now comes with turkey bacon, over wilted spinach and mushrooms, sans toast. I also have my own healthy version of Huevos Rancheros with low fat beans and corn tortillas. I turned my old cheese omelet into a wonderfully healthy egg white, veggie, and low fat cheese omelet. So many fun options, all from learning to cook eggs two different ways!




If you’re a beginner cook, trust yourself to be able to learn. This is something that we as humans have done since the dawn of time and I’m always learning new techniques! We fed ourselves before. Why now do we not? Put the fun back into cooking people. Let yourself fail. Let yourself experiment. Stick your finger in the bowl. Read recipes; follow healthy eating accounts on Instagram and search for amazing dishes on Pinterest. It will open your mind up to experiment in the kitchen. Trust me, there’s no real reason to not love cooking!


How about some tips to get you going? (1) When you’re starting out, cook on lower heat at first so you learn how meat and vegetables react to the heat. It’s hard to burn things on low heat! (2) When in doubt, bake chicken and fish. This is the easiest way to make something delish with very little effort. (3) Don’t buy premade sauces! They are loaded with sugar and calories. Learn how to make a few basic sauces and experiment from there! (4) Make sure you also stick to serving sizes on grains and pastas. It’s a fool-proof way to not over eat!


My best tip/secret for you; learn how to cook one thing REALLY well! I first started cooking for myself a lot in college, when my guy got an off campus apartment. I made chicken and pasta ALL the time, as well as breakfast. I became awesome at grilling chicken on the stovetop and I made tons of variations! Once I became confident at that, I started branching out and learning to cook more and more things. I’m way more veggie heavy and carb free than I was back then, but that doesn’t stop mean from making Italian, Mexican, Asian, Indian, or from putting my own Mandi spin on anything!


It’s easy to make any dish you crave, and make it healthy. Do you want a Reuben sandwich? When I crave this I go make myself a turkey burger Reuben or a veggie patty Reuben. Yum! Do you crave pasta with meat sauce? I have an all veggie version with either carb free noodles or spaghetti squash, and vegetarian protein crumbles! Do you crave quesadillas? I can make you that cheesy goodness with less than 500 calories. Experiment and have fun!




I love cooking and I love cooking for others. I try to make dinner for my man and me as often as possible! It’s amazing when someone tells you what you’ve made is delicious. It’s even better when you had a ton of fun making it. And normally it takes me only 30 – 40 minutes. So get out there and have fun with cooking!



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