Grooving on W.C. Lindsay’s “Little Ghost”

In the Details by Ashley Berry

I absolutely love it when people send me new music, especially when it’s something as unique and addictive as W.C. Lindsay’s newest single “Little Ghost”. I was not familiar with the Philadelphia-based group before a friend of mine sent me the track from the soon-to-be-released album, Easy Victim, Charitable Deceptions, but when I hit play, I was immediately struck by dreamy opening female vocals, courtesy of Jamie Lozoff, that give the effect of a young girl singing quietly to herself in an empty school hallway.

Just as I was falling into the lull of Lozoff’s musical spell, electronic beats come in somewhat unexpectedly, followed by warm synthesized string effects, and finally the smooth rap vocals of frontman Will Lindsay. He delivers lyrics that tell the story of a love that is doomed because the people involved are from a “generation of little ghosts” with earnestness, ease, and intensity in all the right places.

In a recent interview, Lindsay told Fuse that “it’s a song about justifications and excuses, and about pushing someone away not because you want to, but because you know that you have to.” The song’s message may be bittersweet, but the sound is an undeniably catchy mash up of electro pop and rap that makes me want to fast forward straight through spring to tipsy summertime pool parties and daydreaming away warm, sundrenched days. Check it out now! Thank me later!


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