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This time of year it’s all about the Christmas movies! How about a Gremlins Christmas Horror Movie throwback!

Gremlins is a christmas horror comedy movie and it’s amazing. I’ll be honest though I was petrified of Gremlins growing up. Gizmo was so cute and cuddly but if you violated those three rules you ended up with a swarm of ugly reptilian Gremlins that wreaked havoc!

Even though it’s a horror film it still is a Christmas movie at it’s core. It’s about a guy who’s got to band together with his family and get rid of these Gremlins so he can save Christmas!

It’s a perfect movie to snuggle up with your family and watch especially if you like horror movies! Even to this day just thinking about this movie it freaks me out! Gremlins is a great Christmas movie throwback!

What’s your favorite part of Gremlins?

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