Game of Thrones: War and Intrigue

(These GoT pieces will always contain TV spoilers but never novel spoilers as I have not read a single sentence of any of the Song of Ice and Fire novels.)

Nothing better than incest rape to spice up a television viewing experience. But enough about Jaime and Cersei. They are the least interesting Lannisters at the moment.

It seems that old Tywin has gained the most from Joffrey’s death. He now has a new young king to mold just the way he sees fit. For the first time, Tywin is truly in charge, even if he had been mostly in charge before. As far as territory, Westeros seems firmly in the hands of the Lannisters now, with Joffrey’s crazy mood swings out of consideration.

But moving forward, it hardly seems like the gentle give and take between Tywin and any other rightful kings is of much concern; not with three unstoppable forces all converging.

The wildlings are coming, in full force, to take, pillage, eat, rape and slaughter anyone standing in their way of escaping the coming winter.

Winter itself is coming, and good ole Sam cannot kill any more white walkers without his trusty blade.

And then there’s Dany Stormborn, her dragons and her (ex)-slave army. I find it hard to believe even Tywin Lannister would stand much of a chance against any of the three.

So, slave armies notwithstanding, where do civilized humans fit into the actual future of Westeros? There doesn’t seem to be much room. Whatever any individual house is cooking up will be no match. As Tywin hinted at in episode three of this season, the houses must once again be united under a common king and common goal. He encouraged one outsider to at least join his judging panel, but he must convince other current enemies to be his companions on the battle field if anyone is to survive the coming months.

We already know no one can be trusted. How rival families will band together to fight a common foe seems unimaginable. But if they don’t, Game of Thrones may turn into something far less fiendish and underhanded: dragons fighting the undead.

And that storyline seems more in line with something airing on the CW than HBO.

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