Game of Thrones beaten by ‘Sons of Harpy’


It’s Fangirl Friday video blog time! Game of Thrones beaten by ‘Sons of Harpy.’

The Sons of Harpy got all badass on us! First this militant group attack’s Dani’s men. They’ve tested her power kids and I’m afraid they’re not going to like what happens now that they’ve tested hear! Could her Dragons be unleashed?

Speaking of power being tested Cersei and the faith Militant tested King Tommen’s power and right now they’ve proven that he has no power. BUT…it’s now time for Tommen to push back against his mother or else he may lose his pretty Queen. It’s time for Tommen to be King and push his mother aside! Cersei is not going to like that!

It looks like our Starks are gaining some knowledge kids. Sansa gains more trust and knowledge from Little Finger. Jon Snow learned that the red Priestess wants him and Jon snow still “knows nothing.”

Game of Thrones is HEATING up kids!

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Happy Fangirl Friday. Game of Thrones power struggle continues!

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