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When you are WAY too close with your Friends From College, this is what happens. Mercedes Benz in the pool. Cheating. Awkwardly forced parties. Cheating. Thank you Netflix for more of this show!


Some TV shows find their way into the deepest, darkest, corners of your mind. That’s ‘Friends From College’ on Netflix. An awkward, hilarious, dramatic, awkward trip through the lives of people who are WAY too close to one another.

Imagine cheating on your lady with your best friend for over a decade. Your best friend, she’s married too. That’s just the tip, because ‘Friends From College’ is even crazier. Wolf Trials. Wolf Trials! Thank goodness the show will continue on Netflix. Boom.

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Vote in the comments for your favorite moment of ‘Friends From College’ season one exploits. Was it when the Mercedes Benz rolled itself into the swimming pool? Or was it the incredibly awkward and hilarious wedding speech? You can pick a third option. We won’t judge.

Mandi and Dan love TV!

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The show ended with a cliffhanger! What other crazy exploits will happen next season? Comment below and let us know why you love this show!



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