Five things to spice up your January!

We’re two weeks into the New Year! Woo! It feels so nice to be January.  I love a fresh start and enjoy embracing all the new life events.  It can be so simple to fall right back into your old patterns, especially now that the year is in full swing. Don’t do it. Spice up your January and your life!

Try something new! Now is the best time to go out there and do something that you’ve never done before.  Whether it’s a new workout, a new hobby, or even a new restaurant, go try it.  For me, I have a list of different restaurants that I absolutely need to try. NEED to try! I have a list of workouts that I desperately want to work into my schedule.  I’ve never tried Crossfit and it’s definitely on my list. So this month I’m going to hit up a new restaurant and add in a new workout. Woo! What are you going to try?

Do something that frightens you!  I used to be extremely afraid of going to yoga by myself.  I’d only go when my man and I could go together.  Crazy, right? I just felt like it was more fun to have someone by my side.  I kept saying I wanted to be able to practice three to five times a week, but there was no way I could do that by depending on my man to go with me.  Five years ago I decided enough was enough! I went to an afternoon class by myself and loved it! I didn’t need anyone to go with me and I haven’t looked back since. This year I’m going to take the extra time and bike to a yoga class! It’s on my list of what I want to do, but secretly it scares me.  So no more!

Make a new friend! It’s extremely easy to auto pilot ourselves through social situations.  As we get older we definitely can block ourselves off from meeting new people.  I’ve often said to myself “I have enough friends” or “I don’t really have the time for new people.”  Admit it, you’ve said it too! Or something like it’s just “too hard to meet new people.”  Lies, all lies! Let’s face it, we as people are defined by those we connect with, the family that we create, and the legacy that we carry on.  Making new friends and broadening our scope helps us grow as people, it helps us learn new skills, and it helps us to leave our impression as well as have someone leave an impression on us! Remember, even the biggest social butterfly has to make an effort to get out there and make new friends!

Cross something off your “bucket list.” Everyone has one! A list, either written or mental, of things you want to do before you die. Some people travel, some people pick up new hobbies, some people want to try two new things, etc.  For me, this year I’m crossing skydiving off my list! YES! I’ve been saying for years I want to sky dive.  My twin brother has gone and the dude isn’t even that crazy about roller coasters. I love that adrenalin feeling! This year that’s what I’m crossing off my list.  What are you going to cross off yours?

Let go of fear! I constantly tell myself fear is a WASTED emotion, especially when we give in to fear.  Fear keeps us stationary, it stops us from doing things that we want to do.  It makes us second-guess the actions we are about to perform.  Next time you feel fear, use it! Don’t let it stop you from continuing on your course.  Don’t let it change your decision.  Recognize that it’s there, embrace it, and say “See ya later!” Fear ain’t got nothing on you! Those people who you admire that are the most successful, they laugh in the face of fear. You can laugh too! I know I will!

I hope you’re now inspired to go challenge yourself!  I always try to keep myself moving and keep changing the monotony of everyday life. We only have so many moments in this life and we need to take advantage of all of them! In the end, we only answer to ourselves, what we accomplished, who we touched, and who touched our lives. Go out there and make sure you’re living! Be someone who lives with no regrets!


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