Keep your Fitness mind focused!

It’s the summer and everywhere you look someone is getting in shape for a wedding, or bikini season, or another benchmark event. Awesome! That’s totally great people. Having a fitness goal and working towards it rocks, but I wonder what happens after? Where does the focus and motivation go after the big day? This is especially true for women; we seem to be able to focus and get in shape for a wedding or a vacation, but completely lose it all when it’s over. Time to change; time to keep your fitness mind focused!

I’m such an advocate for putting your mind to something and doing it. I love it when people use a motivating event in their life to reach a goal. But what can we do to keep it up after we’ve reached our goal, especially when it comes to our health and fitness? For me, I’ve made my fitness a full on part of my life. It ain’t going anywhere! But that hasn’t stopped me from setting goals. This past weekend I starred in a horror short film. I was a captive, having been chained up for days, now weak and lifeless. And I trained my butt off for the role. Over the past month I stepped up my exercise even more and was extra special careful not to snack or eat too many bloating carbs. It definitely paid off! On camera I completely looked the part. I reached my goal, so what do you think I decided to do next?


Even though I reached my goal and I’m now done filming, I’m totally going to keep up with the extra exercise. It’s a new part of my life! I lost over five pounds last month and I want to keep that weight off for good. I don’t need it. Bye bye five pounds. I have a tendency of working toward a health and fitness goal, getting it, and then scaling back. SO many of us do! BUT let’s stop it together. It’s silly. If I feel great and am being healthy, then I should continue on with what’s working; and I will!

Let’s not limit this mindset to fitness. This should go for everything we do! We tend to go in cycles people, and there is no reason why we can’t be healthy and happy with our bodies and ourselves all the time. We don’t need a motivating force! Tell yourself that again. We don’t need a motivating force! It’s a gimmick that we buy into. “Look great for summer!” on the cover of the popular fitness/women’s magazine. That’s just silly; we should look great and feel great all year long! You don’t need to get married to get fit and healthy. You don’t need to be going on vacation to look great in a bikini. You can be fit and feel great all year long!

Trust me! Motivating forces are awesome. I love them! But don’t get sucked into the cycle. If you want to look great for an event, that’s wonderful, but set a higher goal for yourself. Look great and feel great for your life! Don’t let it slip by you and don’t fall into the cycle that magazines and pop culture are selling us. Do it for yourself! Do it for life! Keep your fitness mind focused and do it to keep you happy!

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