Fitness Goals for Summer and Warm Weather!

Summer is here and the weather’s warming up kids! It’s time to accomplish those fitness goals. Get out there, get active and take on your goals this summer.


The best thing about summer is going outside to workout. You can be active any time of day, meaning more opportunities to exercise, and being more active is how you accomplish those fitness goals! Try switching it up kids. I love to run in the morning, but running in the early evening is amazing in the summer. The heat dissipates and the sun is setting. You have more energy and have had all day to anticipate your run, so you’ll be running faster and it can totally be a fun run! Talk about a confidence builder.

If running isn’t your thing, or if you’re keeping to your normal workout schedule, the summer is a super easy time to add in new workouts. Adding in workouts will definitely help you reach your fitness goals and reach them faster than you expected. Going for a long walk, a hike later in the day, or even a bike ride is a perfect way to get in an additional workout. These extra activities don’t need to be super intense and most of the time they’ll feel easy. But they definitely add up! If your goal is to shape up this summer, then this is a perfect and fun way to do it. The best part is, you can do it with your friends and family!

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I always feel super invigorated in the summer. The gym and fitness classes tend to thin out, so it’s an ideal time to try some new workouts. There are a ton of summer deals for classes and memberships and if you live in Los Angeles there are lots of great outdoor workout classes too. You can take yoga on the beach. Join a boot camp class in the park. Just take advantage of these opportunities! They’re things you can do with your friends and family. Who doesn’t love that?


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Another way to accomplish your fitness goals is by enlisting a friend to help. I love working out with someone else. Its motivating and fun! People always seem more receptive to getting together in the summer, especially for a workout. Instead of hitting up happy hour during the week, plan a fitness related activity! Watch as you and your friend make a plan to do this every week and start achieving your fitness goals together.

I truly believe that any time of year is a perfect time to accomplish your goals. If you’ve been putting them off all year, well STOP right now. If you’ve been working toward them, but need an extra push, then definitely use the summer as motivation! Turn your lunch hour into the time you workout, especially if you’d rather go home and relax after work, grilling with your family or hitting up a fun summer event. I love midday workouts and adding them in over the summer will make you more likely to continue with them during the winter. Exercise is addicting!


Commit yourself to your fitness goals right now! Summer is a perfect time to add to your workouts and branch out. Adding just an extra ten minutes goes a long way. So does adding in a walk or a bike ride. The benefits are amazing! It’s never too late to reach your fitness goals. Set your goals and make a plan for this summer. You’ve got this.

Make this summer the summer of fitness kids!



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