Fitness Challenge: Long live 30 Days of Lunges!

I completed another 30 day fitness challenge and this time it was all lunges. Woah. It was definitely a different kind of challenge for me, and a great one to accomplish at the end of the year. I don’t really like lunges, not a big fan, but this challenge got me to love them. Long live 30 days of lunges kids!

I wanted to pick a different challenge than usual this past month. Working the core had been my go to, because I always feel completely satisfied and stronger after I finish. Plus I think they’re fun. I’d steer clear of squats or lunges because I’d never liked them. This was precisely the reason why I decided that my final fitness challenge of 2015 would be something I don’t normally do. Lunges!


The lunge challenge started off very easy. Twenty lunges on each side for day one. You have to do both sides. It doesn’t count as one until you do both. Easy enough kids! But this was just the beginning. It’s important when doing lunges to know your limits. It’s very easy to go either too deep or not deep enough into a lunge. Trust yourself that what you’re doing is best for you. Learn the pace that works best as well. My man was in a flow of lunges once and went too deep, and he definitely regretted doing so instantly. Don’t injure yourself, pace yourself. This is one of the reasons why I really enjoyed this challenge. I couldn’t switch into auto pilot. Lunging requires a mixture of legs and, you guessed it, core! But concentration is key.

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This challenge pushed me in two different ways. Not only are you pushed by the actual act of lunging, but also by the large number of days between rests. The challenge pushes your stamina and I loved it. The rest days come every 8th day, and let me tell you, after the first week you definitely want a rest. Surprisingly, after that day of rest my legs felt great and ready to go. I didn’t once dread going back to the challenge. I was excited to continue on this journey.


Each day you add five lunges to your total. The steady increase is timed out perfectly, and on the last day you do 150 lunges! My stamina grew immensely from the first week to the last week, and the strength my legs gained in 30 days was amazing! That’s what makes this challenge so great, the gains you can actually feel. Who doesn’t love feeling stronger daily? I do, I do!

The simplicity of this fitness challenge was wonderful. Just one exercise, lunges, was simple and perfect to remember and execute. It’s a great challenge to kick off your 2016, especially if you’re looking to add a new element into your workouts. It’s been over a year since I started doing 30 day challenges monthly, and I love the variety. I love the challenge and I love adding something new, completing it every day!

Long live 30 days of lunges! Such a wonderful and exhilarating challenge.



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