Fit Pregnancy Goals: Pregnancy Vlog Update 38 Weeks

Our Pregnancy Vlog Update at 38 Weeks! Our Fit Pregnancy Goals came true!

Maddi was born a day after Mandi filmed this vlog update and she went running up until her final day being pregnant. Enjoy her final thoughts being pregnant and then tune in for mommy vlogs to come!


Your Fit Pregnancy goals are all about feeling like yourself and staying true to you. I wanted to feel like myself throughout this pregnancy journey and not lose myself and my life in the process. That meant continuing to be active and doing the things I love and that make me happy!

No matter if you’re out there running while pregnant, going for a walk, or doing some light yoga, sweating and feeling great and mobile will help you feel like yourself. It totally has for me!


We’re now sitting over here with our newborn baby! What did you all do during the last two weeks of your pregnancy? Did it end early?

Keep joining me on my baby journey with my weekly mommy fitness vlogs:
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