Fabulous Ways to get Cooking with Pumpkin!

Pumpkins are everywhere this time of year, so take full advantage and cook with pumpkin from now until Thanksgiving! Be creative and be bold. We all have our favorite recipes and treats, so be sure to share yours below. Here are my most fabulous ways to get cooking with pumpkin!

My go to pumpkin recipe is of course Pumpkin Pie. Nothing beats this simple classic, and let’s face it, this time of year would NOT be complete without some delicious pumpkin pie in my belly. I like the traditional pie with no frills, but I’ve had many varieties that are awesome as well! Pumpkin Cheesecake is yummy! Mini Pumpkin Pies offer a personal touch! Whatever you fancy, every type of pumpkin pie is acceptable.

Not into desserts, then how about Curried Pumpkin Soup? Yes please! I found this really easy recipe HERE. You don’t even really need a recipe for this one. Just make the base for your soup anyway you want. For example, sauté mushrooms and onions and use vegetable stock. The best part about soups is that you can add lots of flavor, and pumpkin soup is no different. If you’ve never made pumpkin soup, then treat it like a butternut squash soup and you’ll love the results!

Now it’s time for something completely different, Pumpkin Tacos! I’ve had these bad boys at a great Mexican restaurant called Malo in Los Angeles. This time of year you can find those great little roasting pumpkins, and this is exactly what you need for pumpkin tacos. Yeah kids, it’s that simple! Cut up the pumpkin and sauté it. You’ll need either water or vegetable broth to add to the pumpkin, so it can get a bit soft. Then you can create your tacos however you like them! Super yummy kids!


How about some Pumpkin Ravioli? This is something I’ve never made myself, but have eaten many times. There is just something delicious about this wonderful combo, and when done well, OMG. It puts pumpkin into whole different light. Pumpkin Ravioli really turned me on to savory pumpkin entrees!


Pumpkin butter is another old favorite of mine. I haven’t eaten it in a few years because it has a lot of sugar, but it is amazing! It’s pureed pumpkin cooked with brown sugar and OMG. The mixture is so creamy and sweet and awesome on toast, muffins, an English muffin, or bagels! You have to make sure you put it on something warm, that way butter heats up.

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My last pumpkin recommendation is one I blab about all the time, because it’s seriously amazing. Roast those pumpkin seeds kids! I love roasting pumpkin seeds, and I really like them savory. I add a little garlic salt and sometimes cayenne pepper. The combination is perfect. If you want to try your pumpkin seeds sweet, then add a little cinnamon and sugar to them. I prefer mine savory, but I know the sweet ones are also a hit!

Get out of the pumpkin box and explore new ways to cook with pumpkin this fall. We all love those lattes, but now it’s time to indulge in new pumpkin recipes. Sweet treats are great, but I love the savory pumpkin recipes even more! Be creative, cooking with pumpkin.



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