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Remember when you were that little girl, who loved to play in her Mommy’s clothes?  I was definitely, that little girl.   Not only did I play in her clothes, I counted the years til I would be able to wear the flashy fashions my mother  flossed in the 80’s.

Now, here we are 2012 and those 80’s trends are still running strong across runways and sidewalks.  Oh, but it’s not just the 80’s fashion with everlasting life. The 1920’s,50’s,60’s etc.  As a 30 year-old woman, I have built a wardrobe of all my favorite fashion eras.  Here is my list of cherished fashion trends and the eras they dominated.

My first fave would be the 1920’s; short finger waved hair, long loose fitting dresses w/ pleats  and trouser suits for women, long strings of pearls and don’t forget the ultra chic hats.  This era known as the “Roaring 20’s,” or the “Jazz Era,” is definitely a trend worth mentioning.  You can catch inspirations of this era in the Louis Vuitton ads in Vogue Magazine.  The hats are an exaggeration of what they worn in the 20’s, but the sash trim hats, loose fitted gowns and jeweled broaches are clearly present.

Moving forward,  let’s head to the 1950’s  and 60’s.  These two eras are so on right now.  The make-up, the icons (Marilyn Monroe),  hair and, of course, clothing trends.  The 50’s and 60’s is the year of ” Old Hollywood Glamor.”   Popular trends; the red lip, full skirts with form fitted tops, pencil skirts and tailored peplum jackets are all 50’s.  Short color blocked dresses, pixie hair cuts and everything hipster and hippie reps the 60’s.  Today, these trends are represented on popular actresses like Michelle Williams, who not only plays 1950’s actress Marilyn Monroe (my kindred), but she’s also  sporting the ever groovy 60’s pixie cut.  Don’t get me started on our use of color blocking.  I have been using color blocking as my fashion go-to, to represent as much color in an outfit as possible.  I deem this the most artistic fashion era.   The prints and  colors were like painters paint, and our body’s were the canvas.

Now finally, lets talk about the 80’s.  So before I start rattling off about the trends, let me just say, I am a true fan of PRINCE.  My 80’s fashion love derives from his Highness.  The Ruffle tops, fishnet-back panty holes, shoulder pads, colorful bangles, leggings, novelty sweaters….I can go on forEVER. This era lives and breathes in me.  Today we are frolicking in all of  these pieces.  I say Betsy Johnson reps 80’s fashion all day, with her zany fashion line.  I bet all of you, who threw way all  those old pieces or gave them to Goodwill are probably kicking yourself in the bum.  My advice, keep your prized fashion pieces, because there my come a time when they to shall reign again.


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