Dispatches From Elsewhere Episode 3 Reaction | The Conspiracy

The conspiracy revealed in our Dispatches From Elsewhere episode 3 reaction! One of our four leads discovered what we’ve been saying all along. Elsewhere and JeJune are the same!


Self isolation drew out to real “game” and the conspiracy was revealed. Its all in our Dispatches from Elsewhere episode 3 reaction. There’s no secret here. It’s a conspiracy from within, as our group of four is being used by the institute! Check out our full Dispatches From Elsewhere reaction video for every crazy event!

I absolutely love the way we learned about the conspiracy and our first three characters. There’s a common thread between all of them, but can they overcome it to win the game? Did these four people unknowingly sign up for this adventure, or where they recruited? Janice’s son likely signed her up, yet its unclear how.

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All of these characters are extremely isolated and do not appear to have a lot of friends in their life. This adventure has opened them up already in weird and wonderful ways. The whole experience is like the film The Game. Basically they’ve signed up and are experiencing a game, even though all of them are thinking at moments it could be real!

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Next episode is of course about Fredwynn, which I’m very excited to see. He dropped the bomb on the other three that the Elsewhere Society and the JeJune Institute are the same. I definitely believe that revelation to be true. Fredwynn’s story will lead us to a mind blowing twist just like in The Game. I can’t wait!

Dispatches From Elsewhere conspiracies are actually real! They all did this to themselves, plus the JeJune Institute targeted them. Make sure you watch our full Dispatches from Elsewhere episode 3 reaction for the low down, then comment below with your own crazy theories. Who do you think is behind the conspiracy? No one is safe, but everyone might be in on it.


Dispatches from Elsewhere


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