Diet Soda is Depressing!

We all have our vices.  Admitting them is the first step!  I, for example, am not allowed to purchase Doritos as they are the bane of my existence.  Diet soda used to be one of my vices too.  I’d sneak a diet soda for a post afternoon snack.  Crazy right, as it has zero calories and is nothing like a snack.  If I was running low on sleep, oh yeah, that drink pepped me right up!  If I was at the bar, you guessed it, rum and diet soda. Okay, so I still go for a rum and diet, but I’m proud to say I killed this vice of mine.  I can vividly remember one instance when, for an entire week working on a TV show, I drank five diet sodas a day and then stopped cold turkey!  Can we say headaches? Let’s also say withdrawal.  This was my wake up call.

If you’re thinking “Wow she’s great for killing that vice, but no way am I letting go of my diet soda;” well the National Institute of Health found that sodas and sugary drinks, especially ones with artificial sweeteners, correlate directly to depression.  Soda is depressing!  Especially if you drink four or more sodas daily, then you have a thirty percent higher risk of depression.  Four sodas daily!  Damn that is a lot of soda.  You must be burping up a storm! And the risk is even higher for those who drink diet soda.  Umm, coffee anyone?

I’m just gonna put it out there, and the lead researcher agrees with me on this.  Cut out or cut down on your sweetened diet drink intake.  Perhaps replace them with unsweetened coffee or tea.  Look mom, I found a natural way to help lower depression!  Personally I love the idea of diet soda; you get all the deliciousness of regular soda without all the extra calories.  But the artificial sweeteners will do you in!  And with natural alternatives, why drink depression in a can?  I mean, if I drink a diet soda it doesn’t even satisfy me at all.

Let’s not forget, soda is manufactured are sure a nice sugary drink can pep us up, but drinking calories is a sure fire way to a fat ass.  We don’t need it, we certainly don’t want it and it obviously doesn’t make us feel good! Soda is not thirst quenching, so drink coffee or tea or water.  Water, our life blood, is a delish thirst quenching calorie free drink!  So break free of your addiction to diet soda! It will make you feel better, happier.  I promise!

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