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Dear Mattie Show Podcast: Ep64 Dalisa Hocking Medium & Matchmaker


The Dear Mattie Show Podcast is all new with the always fascinating Dalisa Hocking. Not only is she a matchmaker, but she can talk to the dead. Yep, she’s a medium. Enjoy!

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Dear Mattie Show episode 64: Dalisa Hocking

Mattie sits down with medium and matchmaker, Dalisa Hocking.



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Dalisa Hocking is no joke y’all. Well actually she is very funny, but she’s the real deal. A medium!!! Yes! She can talk to dead people y’all.

This episode was fascinating and a look into a world I know nothing about it. She’s also a professional matchmaker, so if you’re single she gives some great insight into finding someone worth your while! This show gave me goosebumps… literally.


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The entire Dear Mattie Show podcast can be found here:

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1 Comment

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