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Dear Mattie Podcast: Ep83 The Language of Bromance Comedy Duo


The Dear Mattie Show Podcast is all new with the hilarious duo behind The Language of Bromance podcast. Richard and Shawn are all things bro to all people and we can’t stop laughing! Enjoy!

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Dear Mattie Show episode 83: The Language of Bromance Duo

Mattie is in bro-heaven with Richard and Shawn, the hilarious duo behind The Language of Bromance podcast. They discuss all things gross, lovely, and well… bro.


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I’m sitting here trying to write something clever about Richard and Shawn from the Language of Bromance and honestly… I got nothing. I got nothing because nothing I write is going to be as clever and funny AND as awesome as Richard and Shawn are.

I. Love. Their. Podcast.

Having them on my show was literally because I’m a huge fan. Because they are such good friends, the way they tease one another reminds me of myself and my brother. I just can’t love these guys enough. Also, I must apologize because we do talk about semen in the first five minutes. Lawd help!

Find all things Bromance:

Some of my favorite episodes include Ep92: Bros at the Zoo and Ep73: Childhood Nostalgia Draft. There’s a lot more. I also love when they talk about Game of Thrones, because Richard does his “Shawn voice.” I’m literally crying from laughing listening to this show. I can’t. So good.



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The entire Dear Mattie Show can be found here:




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