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Dear Mattie Podcast: Ep106 Sandy Weiner of Last First Date


The Dear Mattie Show Podcast welcomes Sandy Weiner, an expert on dating in mid-life. Want to have your ‘Last First Date’ for real? Listen in and Enjoy!

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Dear Mattie Show Podcast episode 106: Sandy Weiner

Are you a woman dating in your mid-life? Think it sucks? Sandy Weiner has a fix for that, sugars! She’ll make sure you have your ‘Last First Date’ once and for all.


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I loved having Sandy on. Dating in mid-life is relevant to so many people, but so many of us feel like we are the only one going through it. What I love about Sandy is that she has been through it all herself. Whether it’s her podcast, Tedx talk, or with clients, she has experienced it first hand. Sandy shares her story to make us feel like we aren’t the only ones who are totally disenchanted with Tinder. Sandy’s the real deal, y’all.

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Meet with Sandy: Click to Schedule Your Free 1/2 Hour FIND EPIC LOVE Session



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