Day 20: No Added Sugar 30 Day Challenge (Video Blog)


Day 20: No Added Sugar 30 Day Challenge!

I’m still learning of more and more food items that have sugar added to them!

McDonald’s released that propaganda video showing how they make their french fries. They wanted to prove to everyone that they come from real potatoes. GREAT. They also have 18 ingredients and what is the FINAL ingredient before they flash freeze? SUGAR kids.

I don’t agree with using sugar in french fries. I’m sure so many people and places do it. I just wish that they didn’t. This challenge has shown me just how many foods that don’t otherwise need sugar in them, actually have sugar added. LAME!

Comment below with any questions. Come back tomorrow for Day 21!

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Photo credits to http://www.fatloss101.net/ & http://www.realfoodhouston.com/

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1 Comment

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