How to Make Vegan Mac and Cheese!

I love some good old mac and cheese but sometimes it’s fun to go healthy plus vegan! This creamy vegan mac and cheese did the trick!

Even if you’re not a vegan, as I am not a vegan, I LOVE vegan food. It’s delicious and living in southern California has introduced me to a wide variety of vegan food. I love trying my hand at vegan cooking too.

I’ve been intrigued for a while to try and make Vegan Mac and Cheese. This recipe did not disappoint! It does not taste identical to a cheesy mac and cheese but the creamy texture is on point! It’s actually a super easy recipe too. Macaroni, carrots, onions, cannellini beans, cashews and garlic powder. That’s it kids!

Check out the full video for recipe! Let me know if you’ve tried it before or have another good vegan mac and cheese recipe.


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1 Comment

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