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Christmas gets CRAZY in the future and these predictions will blow your mind. Your Marijuana prophet High Nostradamus sees all, with help from Mary Jane. Puff, puff, pass.


Christmas future is insane! High Nostradamus predicts the merger of Halloween and Christmas into a super holiday with a 90 day cap. It begins with the Nightmare Before Christmas and Evil Santa and ends with Christmas and Nice Santa. Nothing is safe except the tree. The Christmas tree remains eternal. Your Marijuana Prophet knows all!

Decorations get crazy, the evil Christmas tree takes over and kids fight over the ultimate holiday! It’s the future, made true with help from sweet, sweet marijuana.

See the future by smoking weed. Now you will know, because your Marijuana Prophet has arrived. High Nostradamus knows the truth of what is to come. The future is made very clear for him, as soon as he puts fire to nature’s candy. It makes his tongue all tingly and tastes so good. Puff, puff, pass.

High Nostradamus has the future in the palm of his hand, shared via the sweet smell of marijuana! Today he sees Christmas future. Web series with attitude.
Over the top comedy, airing Fridays on Pillow Talk TV.

Survive the Future with Your Baby – You’ll NEED a Running Stroller

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