Confessions of a crazy passionate Gardener!


I’ll admit it; when it comes to flowers I go a little crazy and definitely overboard. I just can’t help myself!

I love to garden for so many different reasons.  First, I love flowers, especially old fashion cottage garden flowers, but more on that later. Second, working in the garden releases my endorphins, just like running and doing yoga. I become one with all that’s around me, embraced by the natural world and transported to a different place. I lose myself in my gardening. Some may call that crazy, but when it comes to flowers and gardening I can’t stop myself from planting just one more plant or shrub in my beautiful garden.


Rose Petal


I have always embraced change, loving to discover a new place, shop, restaurant, food, you name it. Life’s impermanence is all around us, it’s inevitable. And gardening is all about change, just like nature and life itself.

Nothing stays the same in your garden, it’s always evolving. You can see this in flowers so clearly, as they go through their various growth cycles. But its a wonderful and magical evolution. Seeing all my hard work bloom forth each and every year fills my soul with joy.

Like all great successes, I have had failures. Plants that didn’t live or ones that died after a few seasons. Others didn’t quite fit in my garden theme, and a few became so invasive that they wanted to take over my whole garden. Out they went! I am vicious with my garden, ridding it of anything that doesn’t work or fails to meet my fancy. I love it; its like life in a small manageable microcosm. Applying my swift hand to everyday life is more challenging, but eliminating things I don’t like or don’t bring me joy is what’s made my garden so magical.


Blue_Purple Flowers


What makes gardening one of my biggest passions? All the beautiful flowers that not only fill my garden, but fill my house with endless blooms of joy.  If you are looking for flowers that are both easy to grow and have beautiful blooms which make for beautiful cut flowers, then I recommend starting with a few of my favorite plants.  These are my must haves: Peony, Hydrangea, Shasta Daisy, Lilies, and Astilbe.

All our easy to grow and have beautiful cut flowers. And the lilies smell amazing. Start out small at first with one or all of these plants. If you don’t want a lot of maintenance, then just plant the Peony and Hydrangea. All you need to do is find a sunny spot, plant, and watch them both bloom year after year. One thing I do suggest when planting is to pick a color scheme (I am not a fan of yellow) and remember to choose plants that bloom throughout the season for continuous blooms of color.  If you plant to abandonment during planting season, you will be rewarded with an abundance of beautiful blooms. No fear, whatever you don’t like or doesn’t work in your garden you can change!


 Pink Flowers


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