My all-time favorite Hummus! Whatus?


One of my all-time favorite foods is hummus. It’s a standalone dish, a condiment, a side, and even a silly quote.“Hummus. Whatus? Hummus!” (Another 48 hours… anyone?) I’ve been eating this delish food since before I ever saw that movie. I’ve eaten it with pita bread, on sandwiches, on chips, on tortilla chips, and especially atop veggies. And let’s not forget, I’ve eaten this bad boy straight up with a spoon too! Hey, there’s no shame in enjoying what you love.


I’m an equal opportunist when it comes to my hummus. I’ll try almost any brand and any flavor of hummus at least once. Up until recently I was pretty sold on my prime choice of hummus. I loved the variety of hummus from Trader Joe’s. They offer a strong selection, with their eggplant hummus easily my favorite. It tantalizes your taste buds! I’m a big fan of shaking it up with the flavors and styles, so of course I know and love their spicy hummus, white bean basil hummus, and their cilantro hummus. The only downside to my favorite, the eggplant, is the size of the container. Most of Trader Joe’s other hummuses come in larger sizes. Oh TJ’s, you tease us with your eggplant hummus, yet leave us wanting more. I’m always disappointed when the container is gone! Regardless, it was my favorite, as in past tense; no longer top hummus.


TJEggplant hummus


While the eggplant hummus is still my favorite from Trader Joe’s, a little exploring at my local Whole Foods led me to the creamiest, tastiest, hummus around and my new personal favorite. I can’t believe it took me so long to discover Fresh ‘n Nova Hummos at Whole Foods. OMG, amazing! We’ve died and gone to hummus heaven people. The black olive variety is hands down my favorite. I could eat that bad boy everyday for the rest of my life and love it a little more each day. Wondering about other flavors? Every other flavor I’ve tried, at least five others, is equally delish! Check out their website here! Umm, crazy; they have at least thirteen different flavors. I’m getting excited just thinking of trying them all out. Taste test!




I recently brought the Fresh ‘n Nova pine nuts Hummos to a barbeque and it was a total hit! There were no leftovers to even bring home. Definitely a bummer for me, but a positive for everyone else because they experienced hummus heaven on earth! Hopefully I inspired a few others to go out and buy one of these delish hummuses. It’s my favorite for a reason. Hot damn! All this talk of food and hummus makes me want to go get eating.


Do yourself a favor and go buy my all-time favorite hummus. Whether you’re a hummus fan or not, go to your local Whole Foods and buy some or check out Fresh ‘n Nova’s website and find out where they sell this wonderful hummus! There are tons of brands and flavors, a full myriad of hummus in the world. You could go your whole life trying to taste every kind, or you could just buy this amazing hummus! Trust me! It’s divine. Try it and enjoy!


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