Christmas Music under the radar – My Top 5!


Christmas music is the absolute best! I wait all year long to spend thirty days listening to holiday tunes and then that’s it. Those bad boys get retired until next Christmas, and that’s definitely what makes Christmas music so special.

Unlike other music, it’s not acceptable to play or listen to these tunes outside of the Holiday season. But it’s easy to get your fill, with radio stations going all Christmas music all the time. Yet the radio plays a ton of the same songs over and over, and while I love the Christmas music classics, there are so many under the radar songs out there. You know what that means? Here are my top five songs!


Number 5: Kelly Clarkson – My Grown Up Christmas List

This song is absolutely wonderful! It was originally written by David Foster and Linda Thompson-Jenner and performed by Natalie Cole. Amy Grant also did a version in the 90’s. BUT this song didn’t come on my radar until Kelly Clarkson did her wonderful and soulful version! I love a good, slow, Christmas song that has a nice joyful message. It’s not about getting presents; it’s about changing the world!


Number 4: The Long Winters – Christmas with you is the best

This is truly an “anti” traditional Christmas song, which I love! I love the message of it. “Christmas with you is the best. We’ll have no turkey or presents.” I love that! Just spending the day with the one you love is more than enough. It lets you know that’s its okay to have ANY type of Christmas that you want. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t want to spend the Holidays with your family because it’s just drama and craziness, then so be it! Have a “Non-Traditional, Non-Denominational Celebration!”


Number 3: The Waitresses – Christmas Wrapping

This bad boy just gets me in a super good mood. I love that it’s so damn catchy! It’s everything that Christmas music should be. Personally, I love to dance around to this song and sing along – “Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, but I think I’ll miss this one this year.” Yes, it starts a bit sad and as a non-traditional Christmas song, but then it ends by being all happy – “I coudn’t miss this one this year.” Simply fabulous! This holiday is for everyone and that’s definitely the anthem of this song!


Number 2: Leona Neass – Christmas

I discovered this Christmas song off the OC Chrismukkah music mix. It’s so under the radar but such an amazing song! It’s a Christmas love song, which of course is my favorite kind. The music is beautiful. Leona has such a wonderful voice. I love that she’s all “full of love.” For me, Christmas is all about love and joy. So this song just sums that right up. It’s a good old, slow love, Christmas song. Woo!


Number 1: The Carpenters – Merry Christmas Darling

This is one of my all-time favorite Christmas songs! More people should be rocking out to it. It’s a good old, classic tune, that’s both catchy and wonderful. It amazes me that more artists haven’t covered this song, but there is a solid Glee cover out there that I highly recommend. The original is from the 70’s and still holds up today as a truly classic Christmas song! It’s another love song, but this time she’s without her love. “Merry Christmas Darling. Happy New Year too. Just one wish on this Christmas Eve. I wish I were with you.” I could play this bad boy on repeat. Repeat! Make sure it’s on the top of your Christmas music playlist. Such a fabulous song! “The logs on the fire fill me with desire to see you and to say…That I wish you Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas Darling…” Go and listen RIGHT Now!


Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! What are your top five songs? Comment below with your own Christmas music.

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