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Who keeps winning the Super Bowl? The chalk, meaning Chiefs and Bills are primed to conquer Super Bowl 2024. But the Cowboys are a great bet!

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This preseason, we’ve already outlined how we think each division in the NFL will shape up. From movers to shakers, each contender has been mentioned and assigned. But now comes the hard part. Who is actually going to win Super Bowl 2024?

We can separate this into two parts. Who is your favorite to win the big game? Second, who is your favorite bet to win it all? The 3 Man Booth gave its opinions, but now its time for the real experts to weight in on who will be champion.

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For the first question of who actually wins, we can rule out about 80 percent of the league. Sure, surprises happen; in this league more than most. However, predicting those surprises is rather idiotic. It would be like tossing a dart. In fact, it would oddly be like the second question! We’ll get there in a moment.

Whether picking a champion or a best bet, chalk remains as the soundest strategy. Will the Kansas City Chiefs repeat? Can the Buffalo Bills break their curse? The Cowboys and Jets are second-tier, but their odds are whimsically wonderful. Bring on Super Bowl 2024.


Super Bowl 2024: Chalk Wins Again

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Todd Salem: Buffalo Breaks The Curse

For my Super Bowl favorite, look no further than the Buffalo Bills. Everything is finally aligning, and all it took was everything falling to pieces.

First and foremost, Buffalo is still super talented. That is key. They have what could develop into the best offense in the league thanks to Josh Allen and company. They also have the potential to develop the best defense in the league thanks to the healthy returns of Von Miller, Jordan Poyer, and Tre’Davious White. A title team has to have the potential for both in my mind. 

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The other thing playing in the Bills’ favor is that no one likes them anymore! Buffalo was the toast of the league, but the shine has worn off. Divisional peers like New York have stolen the limelight. Postseason failures, some flukier than others, have indicated this isn’t a “championship team.” Of course, as we know, no one is championship-caliber until they actually win their first. With the pressure off a loaded roster, this is the year for Buffalo to break through.

The Bills are my pick, but they are not a good bet to win the Super Bowl. That is because, although the public is souring on this squad, the bookmakers are not. Buffalo has the third-lowest odds of any team entering the season. For a good bet, we have to dig deeper.

Could a longshot like the Steelers or Browns win it all if everything fell perfectly? Sure, I guess, but my pick falls somewhere in between. The best bet on the board is the Dallas Cowboys.

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Dallas is thought of in that second tier of contenders, not the elite but still in consideration. I agree that the Cowboys feel just a step below Philadelphia and San Francisco in terms of NFC talent, but they are also getting superior odds because of it. And if things go well, there is no weakness to this Dallas club.

Like Buffalo, both the Dallas offense and the Dallas defense have the potential to be best-in-the-league units. With everyone focusing on the Eagles, there is also a similar opportunity to fly under the radar despite being a high-profile, elite franchise. This team is veteran-laden and skilled at all levels of the game. They may not get it done in the end, but the return on a Dallas bet feels the most beneficial considering this team’s upside.


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Dan Salem: Chiefs Repeat as Champions

Despite all of the grandstanding about new teams competing for a championship each season, there truly is no comparison when it comes to the chalk. This is what makes your pick so good, but also risky. In the last five Super Bowls we have the following outcomes. Tom Brady beat the LA Rams. Patrick Mahomes beat the 49ers. Tom Brady beat Patrick Mahomes. The LA Rams, now a heavy favorite with Matthew Stafford, beat Joe Burrow. Then last year Patrick Mahomes beat the Eagles. Do you see the pattern?

It’s safe to say that unless your team is juggernaut-worthy like the Rams of two seasons ago, you are going to lose to one of the top three quarterbacks. More specifically, it’s been Brady and Mahomes. So who really has a shot at winning Super Bowl 2024? Is anyone truly better than Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs?

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While Kansas City has yet to repeat as champions in back to back seasons, they have been in three of the last four Super Bowls and won twice. I certainly view your Bills as worthy competition, but I don’t view Buffalo as a better team than the Chiefs. My pick is for Kansas City to repeat as Super Bowl champions. The cream stays on top.

Picking the best Super Bowl bet is trickier, because you want to find that team who appears juggernaut-worthy, but hasn’t proven it yet. That was the Rams with the addition of Stafford. Could it be the Jets with the addition  of Aaron Rodgers? Absolutely, as they have the potential for a league leading defense, as well as the weapons for a league-best offense. New York’s odds are excellent as well, but they do have a much harder road than any team in the NFC. I’m not sure I view the Cowboys as more likely champions, but they certainly will have an easier time trying to get to the final game. Both are more longshot picks, but that’s how you win the big prize.


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