And Just Like That Season 2 Ep11 | Selfish Ending

And Just Like That Season 2 episode 11 is a selfish ending. Even though Carrie seems to be somewhat okay with Aidan asking her to wait 5 years, it just feels not good. I don’t like that ending to their relationship.


And Just Like That Season 2 episode 11 is a selfish ending. Most of this episode everyone’s story line wraps up. Carrie prepares for her big goodbye Apartment dinner. The big elephant in the room though is Aidan. I felt like I was just waiting for him to show up.

And Just Like That Season 2 Episode 11 Reaction

So Samantha made her tease return. I really wish they brought her back for the goodbye dinner. It was a tease for me. Miranda makes amends with Steve and Che. She doesn’t want to be weird with her exes anymore. Charlotte puts her foot down with her family. Lisa copes with her miscarriage and Naya meets a hot man.

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Aidan finally shows up when Carrie is cleaning up her dinner. He actually comes into her old apartment. I do like that he admits he made a lot of mistakes in that apartment. But he focuses on that he has to be there for his son. I think this is definitely so commendable, so understandable, and falls in line with the type of person Aidan has always been. But I think it’s selfish for him to say to Carrie that he needs 5 years. I feel like backing off a bit, having Carrie just come to Virginia (which she said she would do), and easing back into the NYC aspect of their relationship.

It just felt like to me if Aidan truly understood what Carrie went through with Big that asking her to wait 5 years is a selfish ending to their relationship. I just feel like it doesn’t feel right to me.

Is season 3 now going to be a rediscovery of Carrie without the men that consumed most of her life? What do you all think? Make sure you watch my reaction video.

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