Caught a Ghost makes me want “No Sugar in My Coffee”

In the Details by Ashley Berry

There are times when you just need to sing the blues, and in those times you can turn to Caught a Ghost. The LA-based band’s single “No Sugar in My Coffee”, off of their debut album Human Nature, is a soulful tribute to music from another era.  In fact, the name of the band references a common expression that blues musicians have used to describe performers who were so impassioned during their live shows that it was as though they were possessed, and it seems that they are living up to the name.

Their performances are known to be dynamic, thanks to the incorporation of performance art, dancers, and visual elements, and lively enough to enchant audiences into spirited participation. Caught a Ghost is the brainchild of Jesse Nolan who is the producer, songwriter, and lead singer of the band. While Nolan plays almost all of the instruments on the album, his work is elevated by the support of Tessa Thompson, who delivers lovely vocals as well as percussion, and Stephen Edelstein on drums.

“No Sugar in My Coffee” mixes sonic elements that are cold and industrial with synth-heavy sub bass and forlorn vocals. The sound is at once nostalgic and modern and absolutely inspires some hand-clapping and foot-stomping.

Check out the song below and then catch Caught a Ghost live in the Museum Courtyard at the Getty Center on July 26th, 2014 as part of the museum’s Saturdays Off the 405 performance series.


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