Burn off the Splurge food!

It’s almost July 4th and summer is in full swing people. Yeah! Bikini’s, beaches, pools and barbecues; bring on those barbecues! The chips, dips, cookies and cakes; there’s so much yummy, delish food and drink. Uh oh, if I go overboard it could completely throw me off my healthy eating plan.  Help! Well there’s a new way of thinking about food.  It’s slightly extreme, but in situations where everyone is chowing down and eating to excess, it’s a great way to keep you in check. Balance your splurging with exercise later!

When you’re out and about this summer at all the parties, barbecues and shin digs, be conscious of what you eat and drink.  If you’re inclined to have a beer, know that a 12 oz light beer has around 100 calories.  Not bad! But most of us don’t just have one beer, especially when you’re having fun with friends.  So here’s what you do, especially with splurge items like beer and cake. For every splurge item you have, you owe yourself exercise. So if you drink one beer at a party, you have to go bowling for 30 minutes to burn it off. Exercise to burn off the splurge!

Personally, I’m a sucker for the chips and salsa at parties.  I tell myself I’ll just have a few chips, but somehow over the course of the evening I end up having way more than the recommended serving.  Normally with tortilla chips, nine of them have 120-140 calories.  Nine is not a lot! If I’m mindlessly snacking at a party I probably eat upwards of two-three servings and if there’s guacamole forget about it! I’ve racked up 400-500 calories from splurge foods.  Time to be accountable! I now need to run 4.5 miles to burn that off. That’s right people, about 35-60 minutes of exercise to burn those 500 calories, depending on your weight, height and body mass index.

Now pizza is the ultimate splurge item.  You’re at a barbecue and you’re having fun; you drink, you eat and then its dinner time and hunger strikes. You want to split a pizza with your guy.  Yummy pizza! If only we could eat just one slice, but you can’t. One slice of cheese pizza has about 285 calories.  If you successfully eat only one slice, you’ll need a nice brisk walk of 50 minute to burn it off. If you have more than one, say three slices, that’s upwards of 800 calories for just one meal. DAMN! That’s a lot of splurge.  You now need to play singles tennis for 90 minutes.  Are you starting to rethink your meal choices? Its okay to splurge a little, but the more splurge food you eat, the more exercise you owe yourself.

With fitness and health goals, it’s easy to get side tracked at summer parties and barbecues.  Just be aware of what you’re eating and owe yourself the exercise. A little guilt goes a long way, especially when you know you have to exercise it off that day or the next! Burn that splurge.

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