Bridget Jones Baby Review: Buzzchomp Movie Vlog

Bridget Jones Baby review kids! It graces the big screen this Friday and we saw a pre-screening of this bad boy and it is so much better than we expected!

First I’m a big Bridget Jones fan! I love the first one, I enjoyed the second and for a while I thought that was it. I heard rumblings of a third and at first I was like NO! But then the more I thought about it and saw the trailers, posters, the more I got excited!

I really didn’t have super high expectations going in but boy was I mistaken! This third film brings back that feeling of the first film. It’s jokey, fun and it’s great to see the gang all back in action. Minus Daniel Clever but honestly that didn’t bother us too much because I always wanted her to be with Mark Darcy!

The film is different than the last book and we are glad because even though we’ve never read that boy Mark Darcy is dead in it. Who wants to watch a Bridget Jones without Mark Darcy? Not me!

This a spoiler free review! Check it out and comment on my video to let me know if you’re excited to see this film!

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1 Comment

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